What you should have known earlier ?

Tarun sharma
2 min readOct 6, 2022

Last Monday, as usual I started off my daily life by checkin up Emails, to do’s for work as well as like to fetch vegetables, dairy products etc..

After finishing my morning routine i went back to study for a while in a calm & relaxed enviornment i.e my fav. Study room. Here i spent near about 3 min & heard chirping of cute little birds, “what are they doing” i wondered.

“Ohh ! amazing “ I said seeing through the windows, one bird goes and fetch the plants or leaves and the other one ties it up to the window. However mostly they were not able to grab the poles of windows and the leaves constantly fell down, again they replicated the process by picking it up from the ground still didn’t succeded but what inspired me the most is even if the leaves fall down they fetched it with the same level of enery and pace and tried it for one more time but in different way.

As they were trying to build shelter for themselves which is not unusual, but by seeing it so close i felt really great enery they fetched near me.

Things i personally learned from this is

  1. We HAVE to work with each other not against because thats where we can grow individually as well as professionally.
  2. Success is just one more attempt away, u have to keep the trust upon yourself.
  3. Try to share as much positive energy as you can to the world out there no matter what others do to you. By doing so you help others unconsiously and unselfishly.
  4. Change is necessary because you cannot replicate the same process if you failed on it, first analyse and then make the change happen. i mean we should not use the same failed process to justify that “I trust myself” (point 2).
  5. Keep on trying thing & observe what you enjoy doing coz thats what matters most .one way or the other we are all gonna end the race by diying so why not make it worth it.

My 1st post

plz feel free to let me know what were your thoughts on this.